Nuvo Windstars 2 jSax Student Book

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Level 2 - Designed for ages 6-10, with an emphasis on transitioning to notation. Level 2 books are written for the jSax, jFlute, jHorn, and Clarineo instruments. Books are intended to build on the experiences in Level 1 and those learned in general music classes. Level 2 is written for individual and/or class lessons that extend woodwind and brass skills while playing fun tunes in various genres. Written by Brittany Bauman and Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich, the WindStars Series is a simple, effective, and affordable way for elementary school kids to experience the joy of playing music together. Through WindStars, children learn to play a musical instrument and develop a life-long love of music at an early age. The WindStars Methodology is focused on the holistic approach of teaching the "whole child" through the WindStar of music education, which is comprised of the following five elements of music: Rhythm/Tempo, Pitch/Tone, Melody/Harmony, Structure, and Expression.The WindStars Series can be used in a solo or group setting with appropriate tunes for each level. The method introduces and develops fundamental beginning instrumental skills while creating an exciting and engaging experience for all students. WindStars is a book-based program with supplemental materials available online (instructional videos, audio backing tracks, and printable PDFs). WindStars 2 is a flexible method book for Nuvo's general music and pre-band instruments. The method books can be used for individuals and/or in the classroom. WindStars 2 introduces standard music notation as well as beginning technique. Skills learned in the WindStars 2 method books are directly applicable for students who move on to play traditional concert band instruments. Each Student Book focuses on a single instrument, either jFlute, jSax, Clarinéo, or jHorn. While the Teacher Book includes all four. The Student Books include questions to reinforce comprehension after new songs and spaces to practice writing new musical styles. The Student Books include 23 fun songs in various styles along with backing tracks. Songs are written to reinforce notes learned along with rhythms. Parts are written with rhythms in unison, but harmony notes are introduced.

Model: NWS2SBS
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