Music Lessons

KBI  Studios is proud to offer music lessons. Sign up today!

                                                                                         In-person lessons available for all instruments!!  


               WHY SHOULD I TAKE LESSONS? 

                    Lessons can be very beneficial to your growth as a musician. Lessons give you the opportunity to have one on one time with a private instructor                                 who can help you achieve your musical goals.   

                    For students, it helps having extra one-on-one time with an instructor outside of school. They can focus on what the individual needs to work on,                               and how they can get better in a classroom environment. 

                     For adults, it is never too late to learn to play! You can pick up and learn a new instrument any time you want to, or return to an instrument you                                    loved years ago. We have siin many adults succeed with one-on-one instruction. 


                WHAT TO EXPECT 

                     Once you sign-up, you will be placed and contacted by an instructor. Scheduling and payment will be set up through the instructor directly.                                          You can take lessons one a week, every other week, for a half hour or for a full hour. Whichever you prefer! 

                     Our lessons take place in our lesson studeios within our store. Each room is sound insulated and is equipped with a piano. 

                     We offer a comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings, including a tv, coffee, magaines, toys and coloring! 


                                                                                              Questions?   Give us a call at 540-891-7800 


Music Lessons: Meet the Teachers

Double Bass
Luke Gray
Drew Brunson 


Electric Bass
Luke Gray 


Nathan Gredler
Dale Moore
Mike Evans
Katie Black 
French Horn
Damien Bollino
Stanley Brooks
Michael Volaric 
Daniel Pero
Randy Bradley
Kelsey Payne
Evan Keene
Mike Evans
Dale Moore
Stanley Brooks
Evan Keene
Mike Evans 
Kelsey Payne

Music Lessons: KBI Studios

Lesson rooms are sound insulated and ready for students! 

Comfortable waiting area with coffee, tv, magazines and toys for the kiddos!